Seat #4 in the Pocket Fives Invitational will be awarded to the local player who receives the most nominations on twitter. To nominate a player, tag them on twitter, tag our twitter account @nlpoker, and include the hashtag #NLDJNoms. Nominations will be tallied one week before the start of the Pocket Fives Invitational.

Twitter – @nlpoker

This event will be broadcast live online and we want players who are entertaining, funny, fun to play with, and who will make for a lively broadcast. If you know a local who is charming, funny, good looking, or simply a great person, this is your chance to campaign for them! Please vote only once per twitter account as no nominations beyond the first will count. In the event of a tie we will determine the winner by random drawing.

The winner of the contest will receive seat #4 and a chance to win our featured pro package which includes a seat in the Blue Shark Optics Championship. Any seats in the Pocket Fives Invitational that are not filled by the end of level one will be awarded to a random player seated in a cash game. If the winning nominee is unable to attend and notifies us ahead of time, the second place nominee will get the seat.

Subject to change without notice by Next Level Poker.