Next Level Poker is dedicated to maintaining an honest and transparent business model and fostering integrity within the industry. This commitment to integrity is very important to us. This is why we promise –

  1. We will never handle player funds. Ever. Prize pools belong in the hands of the players, paid out by the casino where they bought in, on the day they are won.
  2. We will not take any money from prize pools. We will be paid as contractually agreed with the venue and we will not take money from prize pools for trophies, promotions, or future events. Prize pools belong to the players.
  3. We will be vigilant in our attempts to keep rake numbers reasonable and make sure dealers and staff are well compensated for their hard work.
  4. We will pay our debts. Vendors, bloggers, broadcasters, and anyone else who works with us will be paid promptly.
  5. A guarantee is a guarantee. We won’t offer it if we can’t honor it. Plain and simple language.